What to Expect at a Sunday Service

Church might be completely new to you - that's OK! We'd love you to join us.  We understand that trying anything new can be a daunting experience.
So here is what you can expect if you visit us on Sunday at 11am at the MyPlace, Midleton.
  • You will receive a welcome at the door.
  • There will be a time of singing - usually around 5 songs (3-4 mins each) at the beginning of the meeting. You are welcome to sing along, or just listen in (the words will be provided)
  • There will be a time of prayer (again you can just listen in as we pray)
  • There will be an update with church news and upcoming events
  • A passage from the Bible will be read
  • There will be a Bible talk about the passage read (about 25 minutes in length)
  • Children have their own Sunday Club during the Bible talk.
  • We aim for our meeting to last about 75 minutes.
  • On the last Sunday of the month we have a family service and the children stay in the service and we serve tea and coffee afterwards.This is a great time to meet new people.
  • On the first Sunday of every month we have communion as part of our service where we remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross by breaking bread and sharing wine (grape juice) as a church. (you may pass on the bread and juice)

We'd love to see you this weekend.

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