1.  What does ‘evangelical’ mean?

‘Evangelical’ comes from the Greek word ‘evangelos’ which means ‘good news.’ As MEC believes in the Good News of the Bible concerning Jesus, the term is an appropriate name us.

2.  Is MEC part of a sect?

MEC is not part of a sect.  MEC is part of the Baptist group of churches in Ireland which has about 8,000 members. The Baptists have a long history in Ireland and across the world.  Baptists are recognised in the Irish Constitution.

3.  Does MEC believe in Mary?

MEC believes that Mary was Jesus’ mother and was uniquely privileged in this role.  We believe in all the Gospels tell us about her concerning the virgin conception, her belief in Jesus as her Saviour and her role on earth as a wife, mother of her children and member of the church.

4.  Are you a Protestant church?

Historically, the Baptists never really fitted into either the Protestant or Catholic ‘camp’.  This is because our view of the church is that it comprises people who have consciously become Christians and then been baptised.  MEC is made up of people from all the various backgrounds in Ireland today.  We are cross-cultural, cross-denominational because we are Cross-focused.

5.  What is the aim of your Sunday meeting?

We meet on Sundays at 11am to worship God together.  We do this by singing Christian songs, praying and reading the Bible together.  The children (0-13) then go out for Crèche or Sunday Club and the adults and teenagers hear part of the Bible taught and applied.

6.  Is the meeting all ‘happy clappy’?

Our meetings are happy but not particularly lively in that sense.  Having said that, if a person wants to clap their hands as we sing that’s fine!

7. Will I feel embarrassed?

There are no occasions in the meeting for a visitor to feel embarrassed.  As you enter the building you will be warmly welcomed and directed to a seat.  There is no pressure on anyone to sing if they don’t want to.  Our aim is to make you feel very welcome as you hear God’s Word being taught.